Monday, February 14, 2011

Ghostlimb - Infrastructure Review

Ghostlimb are an odd bunch when you compare them to what's "hot" out there.  They don't sound like David Guetta with breakdowns, nor they pretend to be the most evil, angst-ridden band out there.  Hell, they don't even fit into what's considered "hardcore" by those who keep it way too real.  However, they are one of the most genuine, brutally honest bands you could ever hear, and they continue to prove this with their new album.

Infrastructure shows a more eclectic sound than their previous efforts, yet it doesn't alienate those of us who were used to their relentless aural assault.  The Punk Rock/Classic Rock influence is much stronger this time around, but it works without sounding like a played-out gimmick (see: Alexisonfire/Evergreen Terrace/Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster).  The way these riffs are integrated into this maelstrom of disgust and defiance brings a lot of dynamics to their sound.  Of course, it wouldn't be a Ghostlimb album without some good old Crossover/Thrashy riffs, and when you mix both, you'll find yourself air drumming like a maniac.  Speaking of drums, the drumming on this album is tight, punchy, and diverse.  I think this is the tightest record, performance-wise the band has ever released, and I can only imagine how crazy these new songs could sound in a live setting.  The mix is super clear, yet it has that "something"that makes the band sound articulate, yet aggressive.

Lyrics-wise, there is a lot to cover here, with topics that range from same-sex marriage issues (Eight) and the state of the Music Industry in the 21st Century (Unending Ache), to personal growth (Asphalt) or even interpersonal relationships (Incomplete Works), and each topic is exposed very eloquently. It's not everyday when I come across stuff like this, where I'm challenged to go through all of Bloom's Taxonomy levels and lose my mind, figuring whether I agree or not with what I'm listening and reading.  While everything Justin says is put very bluntly, you'll have to think twice before saying he's full of shit, considering that these are some of the most educated lyrics you could find in any genre nowadays.  Every statement has a lot of weight, and I would even consider them worthy of debating in a classroom.  Yep, fucker's that smart.  But don't let the "intellectual" stuff scare you, since these are issues that are part of our everyday lives, yet we do not take the time to go beyond what we hear on the news to analyze what's going on in the world and how this affects us.  A good underground album should push buttons and make you think about what's being said for a second, and that's what Infrastructure does.

Ghostlimb is a band who always dares to defy convention, especially in this era of uncontrolled, prepubescent hissy fits and auto-tuned choruses, and I give them props for that.  Infrastructure shows that Hardcore music can still be thought-provoking and controversial while being as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face.  Definitely, this is one of those albums you should dedicate some time to fully appreciate it, but the good thing is that it gets better and better the more you listen to it.  And it you take the time to fully understand what's being said, you might learn something other than how to download stuff from Megaupload. 

And it has an awesome Leatherface cover.  if you don't like Leatherface, you should throw yourself off a bridge

Preorders will be available Saturday, March 19th, at 8:00 p.m. PST through Vitriol Records.  There will be 100 vinyl copies available in silver, so if you're interested, you know what to do.

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